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Do You Really Need A Lawyer? (Probably)

People facing criminal charges have many reasons for not calling a lawyer. I can’t afford one. I’m innocent so I don’t need one. I’m guilty so a lawyer can’t help me. Let’s wait and see how this plays out.

The real question is what happens if you don’t hire a lawyer.  A lot of bad things can happen. It’s not just jail and fines. It’s the criminal record and the snowball effect on your life. An attorney can help you see the big picture and protect you from the worst. Find out where you stand and what I can do for you.

For any criminal charges, call the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo at 508-761-1285. I offer a free consultation.

How I Can Help If You Are Accused Of A Crime

Everyone makes poor choices or gives in to bad impulses. But the consequences of a mistake should not last forever. As a defense lawyer, I focus on getting my clients the second chance they deserve and the help they need to get back on track.

• I know your rights – You can’t talk your way out of trouble, but you can make things worse. It’s true that anything you say to the police can and will be used against you. I will vigorously assert your constitutional rights at every stage, from arrest and show cause hearings to trial and sentencing.

I tell you what the authorities don’t – Law enforcement and prosecutors are under no obligation to warn you about the consequences of giving a statement or pleading guilty. I make sure you understand how a conviction or plea could affect a professional license, driver’s license, scholarships and financial aid, gun rights, and your future ability to get loans, housing and good jobs.

• I push for alternatives – I can approach the prosecuting attorney to possibly dismiss the charges or get a serious offense knocked down to a lesser charge. I might get you a continuance, which keeps the conviction off your record if you stay out of trouble. You might be a candidate for drug treatment or anger management instead of spinning your wheels in jail. I explore all the options and negotiate the best outcome I can.

I tell your story People who go to court without a lawyer often fail to make a good impression. They emphasize the wrong things or take the wrong tone or offer excuses. I get to know you as a person so I can relay to the judge who you are and why you deserve a break. Sometimes you just need an advocate to tell your side of the story.

I get the help you need When you show remorse and take responsibility, the justice system can connect you to addiction treatment, group therapy, transitional housing, or other assistance to send you down a better path and prevent you from reoffending.

I can fight the charges If you are accused of a serious crime, you are entitled to a robust defense. As a former prosecutor, I know how to challenge the evidence and witness testimony. If you are facing prison time or you just cannot afford to have a conviction on your record, I will defend you in court and make the government prove its case. In the event of a conviction, I will present mitigating factors at sentencing to spare you from the harshest punishment.

Everyone Makes Mistakes. Hiring Me Is Not One Of Them.

Talking to an attorney can be intimidating. I try to put clients at ease so we can have a frank discussion about what happened and where we go from here. I offer a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by giving me a call.

I take criminal cases throughout Bristol County. Call my office in New Bedford at 508-761-1285 or use my email form.