Theft And Property Crimes
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 A Theft Conviction Can Steal Your Future

Stealing or damaging property is wrong, but the punishment should fit the crime. Convictions for theft or vandalism often come back to haunt people when they go off to college or apply for a job. Employers don’t view it as a minor offense. They view it as a person who maybe can’t be trusted.

The Law Office of Gregory M. Longo is committed to making sure that a youthful mistake or a crime of opportunity does not ruin a person’s life. I provide a skilled and vigorous defense to anyone in New Bedford and Bristol County accused of theft or property crimes. Call me at 508-761-1285 for a free consultation.

Theft Charges And Property Crimes

I handle the full range of offenses, such as:

  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Theft of phones, laptops, bikes, etc.
  • Credit card theft
  • Auto theft and joyriding
  • Vandalizing mailboxes, cars or buildings
  • Leaving the scene of an accident (hit-and-run)
  • Breaking and entering or burglary

Many of these offenses can be charged as felonies, depending on the dollar amount of the theft or damage, and other factors, such as prior convictions or threat of bodily harm. For example, vandalism may be charged as wanton destruction of property (a misdemeanor) or malicious destruction of property (a felony).

We Need To Take These Charges Seriously

Youths and young adults do dumb and impulsive things. Whatever the accusation, I guarantee the judge has seen it a hundred times before. But when the police show up at your door or your son or daughter is summoned to court, it gets real. We need to talk about short-term and long-term consequences. We need to do damage control. Jail time is a possibility, as well as fines, restitution and community service.

The black mark on one’s record – even for a misdemeanor theft – can make that person ineligible for scholarships or financial aid. It can close doors on career paths and job opportunities. That conviction can rear its head in a dozen different ways. And you definitely don’t want a felony conviction, which includes a mandatory DNA sample for the criminal database.

I bring years of experience as a defense lawyer and insights from my earlier days as a prosecutor in Plymouth County. I can make a difference in many ways, from negotiating with the district attorney on the front end to fighting the charges at trial. My goal is to limit the punishment and future impact if we cannot get the case dropped entirely.

I Can Help, The Earlier The Better

Talk to me before talking to the police or going to court alone. If you or your son or daughter is facing criminal charges, call my office in New Bedford at 508-761-1285 or contact me online.