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The Stakes Are High For Drunk Driving In Massachusetts

When you drive drunk in Massachusetts, you risk facing some of the country’s strictest penalties. A drunk driving charge puts your freedom at stake. Without a skilled attorney on your side, you could be facing daily breath tests, the loss of your license or even jail time.

At the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo, I understand what is at stake for you, and I can work with you to construct a solid defense against your OUI charge. Contact me to discuss your situation. 

Drunk Driving Penalties In Massachusetts

In 2005, Massachusetts passed Melanie’s Law, which was created to impose harsher penalties on drunk driving offenders. As a result, drunk drivers in this state risk more than those in surrounding states.

An OUI conviction almost always results in a license suspension. For first-time offenders, the suspension lasts a year, but the sentence grows with each successive offense. At the end of your suspension, you may be eligible for a hardship license or a license reinstatement.

If you are a repeat offender and you are eligible for either reinstatement or a hardship license, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car.

The minimum fine for a first-time offender is $500, and fines can reach $5,000 depending on your criminal history and the circumstances of your OUI. You may also face up to two and a half years in jail.

Penalties are increased for offenders under the following circumstances:

  • The offender was operating a commercial vehicle
  • The offender refused to take a breath test
  • The offender caused injury to a person or damage to property
  • The offender was underaged
  • The offender had a child in the vehicle

Massachusetts courts feel strongly about drunk driving offenses and prosecute them accordingly.

We All Make Mistakes. Choosing Me Isn’t One Of Them.

If you are facing an OUI charge in Massachusetts, things may seem bleak. The Law Office of Gregory M. Longo is here to help you. As soon as I take your case, I begin examining evidence and interviewing witnesses to understand better what defense strategy will work best for you.

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