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Drug Charges Should Be Taken Seriously

Even though Massachusetts has legalized marijuana in recent years, the state maintains a complicated relationship with drug crimes. Massachusetts has one of the highest opioid-related death rates in the country. The gravity of the opioid crisis has led to strict penalties for possession and distribution of illegal drugs in the Bay State.

If you are facing charges for drug crimes in New Bedford or Bristol County, you need an attorney with experience in Massachusetts courts. I’m attorney Gregory M. Longo of the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo, and I served in both the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office and the Wareham District Court.

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The Penalties For Possessing Or Distributing Drugs

Possession of any illegal drugs can be punished severely under Massachusetts law, but the amount in possession can further increase the associated penalties. Possession of a large amount of a drug, referred to as possession with intent, carries the same penalties as distribution.

The state uses a multi-tiered classification system to determine penalties for drug crimes. Class A drugs, including heroin and ketamine, and class B drugs, including cocaine and meth, can incur a penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Penalties will vary based on the amount of drug in possession and the criminal history of those involved.

Distributing class A, B or C drugs to a minor results in a minimum prison sentence of three years and a fine of up to $25,000. Possession of any controlled substance within 100 feet of a school or playground also carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

Building A Defense Starts Now

If you have been caught with large amounts of illegal drugs in Massachusetts, you are likely looking at a lengthy prison sentence.

I have handled thousands of cases in Massachusetts courts. I understand the courts’ attitudes toward drug crimes and how they tend to punish offenders. I will work diligently, scrutinizing evidence and examining witnesses, to structure a defense that achieves the best possible outcome for your situation.

Everyone deserves justice, and I am dedicated to helping the people in Bristol County and southeast Massachusetts defend their rights.

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