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Your Future Is Not Worth Risking

If you are facing criminal charges and a possible conviction in Massachusetts, the future might be frightening for you and your family. One way to get started on protecting your future is to hire an experienced trial attorney who can protect your interests from the very beginning. At the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo, I understand the consequences of a criminal record and advocate to help you avoid them.

My firm handles a variety of criminal cases, including:

In addition, I can help you with show cause hearings/clerk magistrate hearings.

Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, I have experience working on both sides of criminal law and have handled thousands of cases. I know when it is time to negotiate a deal and when it is time to take the fight to a judge and jury.

Consequences Of Mistakes Do Not Have To Last Forever

If you have been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, you need a lawyer from the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo from the beginning. Protecting your rights is my central focus from the moment you are arrested to the day your case is resolved. As a former prosecutor, I am often more likely to obtain a favorable result because I understand what procedures to watch for, when common missteps happen and what flaws there are in things such as video evidence and witness testimony.

Criminal charges can lead to serious consequences. You may lose your license, spend time in jail or face steep fines if you do not have the right advocate on your side. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and deserves the opportunity to right them.

Contact Me Immediately

You need a lawyer on your side the minute you are arrested. Contact me at 508-761-1285 or fill out my online contact form soon so I can build a strong defense faster.