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Don’t Pay For A Mistake For The Rest Of Your Life

At the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo, I am proud to represent the people of New Bedford, Massachusetts. With experience in the district attorney’s office, I have unique insight into criminal law cases such as drug charges, DUI, violent crimes, white collar crimes, sex offenses, theft and property crimes.

During my career, I have handled thousands of cases, and as a criminal law attorney, I genuinely care about people. I also know how a criminal record can affect your future. I will assess your case, determine if a plea deal is the best course of action, or strive to have the charges reduced or dismissed. With my extensive trial experience, I am not afraid to take a case before a judge and jury if that is the best option for my client. Learn more about my background and experience below:

Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer?

Those who have been accused of committing a crime face a long, difficult road if they do not have an advocate on their side who truly believes in their future. While it may be tempting to go it alone, an attorney has legal experience and knowledge that the average individual does not have.

The many ways an attorney can help you include:

  • A lawyer will closely watch for any procedural missteps that can result in the dropping of charges or a dismissal.
  • A lawyer protects your rights from start to finish.
  • A lawyer will explain all your options and rights when it comes to protecting your future and your freedom.

As a seasoned trial attorney, I have the experience necessary to help build a strong defense strategy that often leads to favorable results for my clients. I am passionate about justice and about protecting your rights. We all make mistakes. Choosing me isn’t one of them.

Contact Me Today For A Free Consultation

If you are facing criminal charges and want a skilled advocate in your corner, contact the Law Office of Gregory M. Longo. Call me at 508-761-1285 or fill out my online contact form.