When The Police Knock,
How Will You Protect Yourself?
A legal defense is a foundational constitutional right. At Law Office of Gregory M. Longo,
I protect your rights and build a strong defense. You are more than just another case; I believe your future matters.

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Violent Crimes
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Federal Offenses


Federal Offenses


We All Make Mistakes.
Choosing Me Isn’t One Of Them.

The legal system is complicated, and there is a lot on the line when you face criminal allegations. Without a strong defense, you may face years in jail or thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Even if you serve your time peacefully, criminal convictions will stay with you for the rest of your life and can lead to countless interpersonal and financial consequences.

I am attorney Gregory M. Longo, and I dedicated my career to protecting the rights of Americans like you. After working hundreds of cases for Massachusetts prosecutors, I became a criminal defense attorney. I have insight and behind-the-scenes knowledge that can help you develop a strong defense. The prosecutor’s burden of proof is high, and I do not let them cut corners.

A Brighter Future Regardless Of The Allegations You Face

People make mistakes. It can be easy to have one too many drinks before you leave a party or to let an argument escalate. But a mistake should not ruin your life. After listening to your story, I help by developing a strategy. Whether your best options involve alternative resolutions, negotiating with the prosecutor or going to court, you can feel confident that I care about the outcome of your case.

My history includes thousands of prior cases, like:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Drug possession and sales of controlled substances
  • Criminal hit and run accidents
  • Domestic violence and assault

 A criminal conviction can mean stumbling blocks for even daily tasks. License suspension, reduced job opportunities and lost scholarships can all limit your potential for growth and your ability to thrive. Do not risk your future.


Schedule Your Appointment As Soon As Possible

The longer you go without representation, the more time the police have to investigate unimpeded and to get you to incriminate yourself. Protecting your rights starts at your very first call. Call my office in New Bedford as soon as you can. Reach me by phone at 508-761-1285 or by email.